Positions for postdoctoral fellows, PhD students, research assistants are available in my group from time to time. Anyone who is interested in working with me on MD simulations, computer-aided drug design and force field development, is welcome to contact me. Hangzhou is a nice place to live in with ample opportunities, and Westlake University provides world-class research environment and competitive salary. For those who are interested, please send your CV to huangjing-AT-westlake.edu.cn.

Postdoctoral Fellows:

We are seeking two self-motivated postdoctoral fellows at the moment. One postdoc will focus on lead optimization using advanced molecular simulation and free energy calculation methods, together with AI techniques. He or she will validate and develop new methods, and/or drive promising drug design projects with computation.

The other position will involve benchmark and improve protein force fields, with particular focus on introducing and utilizing new condensed phase experimental data. He or she will collaborate closely for this project with an industrial partner, Biomap. Biomap is the life science layout of Baidu to establish powerful IT and AI platforms for drug discovery.

Initial appointments for both positions will be for two years, and could be further extended upon mutual agreement.

PhD students

There are 1-2 PhD student positions available each year in our group. Applicants are encouranged to contact Dr. Jing Huang before submitting their application materials to Westlake.